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Luxe Organics was established in 2018.

Introducing a pure, natural,nano free and vegan friendly product range focusing on perfecting the complexion and educating the consumers on a healthier alternative.


We would love to hear your feedback on our range of mineral makeup. Here is what a few people have to say:

Giverny Deol:

"Prior to using KIBI Mineral Powder, I had spent years trying different products and skin care ranges. These products included makeup from expensive luxury brands to less well known organic makeup products. As someone who has extremely sensitive skin, these products, despite reputation or pricing, irritated my skin, causing breakouts, redness and severe dryness. I started using KIBI mineral foundation 3 months ago. Since using KIBI mineral foundation, it has dramatically reduced breakouts, redness and dryness and has restored my skin to its original state, which is clear and toned. I feel makeup should make you feel confident and carefree. KIBI mineral powder does both. It creates full coverage of all skin blemishes while allowing you to feel as though you have minimal makeup on."

Wendy Cheshire:

"I have chosen to use Kibi makeup for about the last 4 years. I had used other brands of mineral make up before trying Kibi so was familiar with how good mineral make up is. Why I continue to use Kibi over the multitude of other brands is that it gives an even coverage that lasts. Other brands I had used seemed to move around on my face after a couple of hours but Kibi provides coverage all day. The finish of the makeup makes my skin look good and is a perfect match for my skin tone. Having skin that looks healthy is becoming more and more important to me as I get older. 

The blush and eyeshadows are equally as great with a good range of colours. The colours are very rich so a little bit goes a long way."

Victoria from Sydney:

"The mineral make-up is amazing, it gives a light to full coverage, I wear it on its own sometimes or over my make up. I love it because of the natural sun protection and gives my skin a flawless look. I am wanting a lighter shade for winter (though I think I have lightest 01, do you make one lighter)?"

Becky from Brisbane:

"I've been using Kibi for almost 3 years and it has been one of the best mineral foundation products I have tried out. Others seemed to dry out my skin after using it for a while, where as some just wouldn't stay on my skin towards the end of the day. I like that you can build this foundation up and I often wear it in place of a liquid foundation at night time. It makes my skin feel great and I'd definitely recommend it to other people."

Sarah Scruby from Brisbane:

“From my experience, Kibi produces some of the best performing make-up products around with the added benefit of being made from natural and vegan ingredients. My favourite products are the foundation powder and eye shadows. The foundation powder provides great coverage with a dewy finish, stays on all day, and doesn’t clog your pores. It’s the best powder I’ve ever used and I highly recommend it. The eye shadows have an incredible pigment, particularly given their natural attributes and also have great staying power.”

Claire Smith:

"I have been a long time user of kibi and it's amazing. I've always had problems with finding makeup to match my skin or give me the coverage I want or not give me pimples. Kibi covers everything beautifully but doesn't look painted on it's light with full coverage and my skin can breath I don't feel like I'm wearing make up at all.
This by far is the best make up I've ever used".