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Luxe Organics was established in 2018.

Introducing a pure, natural,nano free and vegan friendly product range focusing on perfecting the complexion and educating the consumers on a healthier alternative.



3 Nights and 3 Day Retreat - Re- Set - Rejuvenate

Intensive Workshops for our clients who are ready to embrace change working toward a healthier mind - body - spirit lifestyle that is achievable and attainable on a daily practice.

We offer intensive healing retreats with whole food specialists in conjunction with current community of practitioners. We also offer men’s retreats

Package Includes:

Transport if coming interstate to and from Coolangatta Airport

Full Organic Catering


Workbook with Resource Package

3 month Follow Up Program

Including one on one session with your choice of facilitator

How We Nourish

We will begin each day with gentle 30 min yoga and 15min meditation movements with our Yoga Educator before breakfast

After Breakfast each day a 3 hour personal empowering workshop with Faris


Creative Program to work on mind mapping process

Basic fundamentals of metaphysical and mind connection

3 Hours each day with Naturopath Nicky Wood Targeting Health and Teaching Tapping


1 hour with Guest speaker after dinner on the first night

2 hour beauty workshop incorporating the understanding of skin physiology

Finding your daily practice and mantras that is sustainable to practice daily for personal change management

Tapping into your 5 senses that guides your intuition allowing you to make better informed decisions

Understanding your conscious and subconscious programming

2hr Skin Science Nutrition Workshop

Contact Kim for further information or

ph 0466883389

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Our mission and vision it to create a safe environment for people who are seeking a deeper understanding on how you can tap into the spirit -mind - body to start a journey that will create a healthier healed lifestyle. This program is designed for those who have had major challenges in life, feel broken, lost without direction or over whelmed with life in general and intensive chronic illnesses.

We give practical tools with an educated understanding in helping you create your reality and understanding the fundamentals of mind over matter to open up your awareness to assist with your journey of purpose and goals.

To find a deeper spiritual connection with scientific approach that will open your mind and spirit in creating healthy neurons to manifest the results you are seeking.

The integration of well experienced practitioners that have gone over and beyond in their field for many years experience and knowledge will workshop through your current and future approach to your daily health and wellbeing.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

Society has created a false image of unrealistic expectations that has changed the attitude and cultural disconnection with the attitude of entitlement, lack of love, blame, dishonouring our spirit-mind and body that affects the people we care about and your own self value and belief systems.

Our workshops and follow up program is about accelerating change to create the life you truely desire that has been hidden and oppressed working toward healthier relationships personally, professionally and most important self.

“We are so connected that we have become disconnected”

Our passion is to ignite the flame that is slowly fading in life. To empower people that will empower others to create better life choices and being accountable of your actions and reactions.

“To see Change you must be Changed”

We Offer 3 nights and 3 day retreat package that is located on the Gold Coast where our clients are away from their day to day environment and able to absorb and process by enabling you to action and develop in a relaxed environment. In our weekend retreats we cater for maximum of 6 people to ensure a more inclusive environment.

After the weekend to ensure we are able to give further support with your choice of facilitator or all facilitators prior to going home is an option. The 1 hour consultation with Nicky and Faris at the retreat is included in the cost. If you prefer to do this externally via skype or phone a week after the retreat this is organised prior to your departure with the facilitators. Extra cost for further consultation and treatment will require extra cost based on the practitioners advice will be incurred for further consultations beyond retreat package.

The founder of the retreat project will keep in touch over the three month period for further consultation of your progress.

We also offer one on one programs for those who prefer a private personal programs.

Our package includes the weekend seminar with 1 session follow up program from Nicky Wood and Faris Mouasher and Kim Magee.

 Health in Beauty is found within   Sponsored by KIBI Raw Minerals

Health in Beauty is found within

Sponsored by KIBI Raw Minerals



Owner and founder of Luxe Organics Health in Beauty

MBA Bond University , Educator, Business Development Contractor and currently Student in Psychology with Monash University.

With more than 25 years experience in the beauty industry working in management and educational positions my passion grew in the natural organic industry 20 years ago.

After 47 years living life in trauma and not acknowledging the layers of damage that needed to be addressed I started my journey of self healing. My aim is to see people restored in all aspects of their life that will take you into a new story and enabling you your life to be healthier, abundant and prosperous.

I believe with the tools we are providing this will accelerate the process that I was not privileged to have available within my own journey for restoration.

We aim to equip your awareness and manage what life has been serving out from our own energy pathways of creation to fulfilment of your true destiny through education and practice.

The heart and soul of the retreats is to see people restored and to give back into community

Part of the proceeds from each retreat will be funding the indigenous community that Michele Hetherington and I are currently working locally and nationally to bring hope, skills and education to the indigenous women across Australia.

There is so much more we can do in this area beyond what politics can do and may never do, which is where we have made a life long commitment to work towards to give a hand up to the generations to come culturally and politically that will change lives and the future generations.


Intuitive Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Master Healer, Bodyworker, Sharman & Specialist Teacher

Specialising in womens Health

Faris has traveled the world professionally and with his family being enriched culturally and spiritually.

with 30 years of experience in this field touching thousands of people in his travels and home. Faris has spend time in monasteries, ashrams in deep practice.

Transformational healing health and wellness is at the heart of his work, which enables women to connect deeply with divine feminine and be empowered to open up to more loving relationships as a way of life

Fempower Health & Healing W:


Naturopathy, Clinical EFT (Tapping), Homeopathy 

Nicky offers a wide range of modalities or tools in order to achieve your desired health outcome, all based on a healing blend of researched data and clinically successful principles. 

Nicky presents to companies on health topics that may affect productivity in the workplace, and has an extensive retreat and spa management background having opened 5 star facilities internationally for Hyatt International.  Nicky offers corporate wellness programs as well as individual personalised health guidance to her clients.
Incorporating a common sense approach to her prescriptions and personalised programs, Nicky ensures that all efforts are made to achieve your healthy balance once again.

You will be highly informed, suitably entertained and thoroughly prepared to take on your next health journey



Naturopath, Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GAPS), Nutritionist (Chef) and Herbalist.

Over the last 15 years Blair has been running a kitchen at one of the worlds most prestigious health retreats, based right here in Australia. During that time Blair has had the opportunity to work with over 22,000 guests, catering to a wide variety of ailments while at the same time serving delicious, healthy cuisine and cooking up a storm.

His passion is not only preparing the food, he also likes to educate those sampling his wares on the basics of healthy eating, and has often been described as a human encyclopaedia of knowledge on nutrition. One of his mottos is: “We eat with our eyes, so if the food is fresh, seasonal, delicious and looks amazing, it will tantalise the taste buds while at the same time helping to heal the body.”



Dermal Therapist | Holistic Aesthetician | Oncology Aesthetician | Aromatherapist | Nutritionist | Educator

Donna’s aesthetics career spans more than 30 years, Donna has worked in every aspect of the beauty industry – from spas and salons as a beauty therapist, aromatherapist and makeup artist to research laboratories, product development and as a key industry advisor and educator. Donna has been an educator in the beauty and dermal space since 1996 and has contributed to industry advisory boards as well as co-writing the nationally recognised Advanced Diploma of Dermal Science and Therapies (Australia). She has been instrumental in training many of today’s educators and industry leaders and continues to provide first class education with her own training facility, AWE Academy.In 2000, Donna became one of Australia’s first dermal therapists, working alongside plastic surgeons and cosmetic scientists. Health Science, she has a qualification in Nutritional Medicine and is passionate about incorporating health and wellness into education programs.



Indigenous Project Director

Certified National Trainer

As an Aboriginal person my heritage is very important, moving forward is about preservation and sharing of culture, it’s not about feeling different, it is about discovering how we are all the same.

 Working to develop programs suited to young Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander women who demonstrate a desire to receive assistance for future opportunities.

Our aim to provide pathways to better life choices, career opportunities, and promote psychological wellbeing.

Current projects

Macleay Valley Workplace Learning Centre, working with Ginda Burri Mums to complete year 11 and 12 in a relaxed learning environment sensitive to culture. Ginda Burri Mums are learning skin care, nutrition, makeup waxing, next year we will offer units that will go toward a Cert III in Beauty.

In Sydney we are working with the Aboriginal Housing Company on their Leading the Way project for young women, offering Certificate III in Beauty Services.

 We aim to have an operating salon run by trainers and students so that they learn the course in a working environment. Our girls will be mentored and coached with every opportunity to become the best they can be.

 Before the broken pieces what picture did we see?

Did God create the mirror, to reflect who we should be?

If it wasn’t for the mirror, how different would we be?

Before the broken pieces, you were a part of me.

Locked inside us all, is a time when we were free.

Written by:

Michele Hetherington