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Luxe Organics was established in 2018.

Introducing a pure, natural,nano free and vegan friendly product range focusing on perfecting the complexion and educating the consumers on a healthier alternative.

Breaking It Down in Beauty


Beauty in Health Blog - Mineral Makeup


Breaking It Down in Beauty

kim magee

Breaking it down in Beauty

Most women in today’s first world economy of all age groups are more confused than ever before with what to buy for their skin.

As an educator in beauty and having worked in the beauty industry for a few decades my aim was is make it simple for the every- day woman.

Breaking it down is simplifying and decluttering your beauty regime. Price is not always the deciding factor if you understand your skin and asking for advice from the professionals with a non-bias approach

The average Australian woman spends $3600 per year on beauty products this averages out to $78 per week

You may think that I don’t spend $78 a week in beauty products! Then I would ask each woman to go to their cupboards and take out every product they can find and calculate how much they have sitting in the cupboard including fragrances and hair products.

 Do you use all the products you have stored in your cupboard and do you look at the expiry dates?

 Beauty is more than skin deep. For me it is about lifestyle, health in beauty that encapsulates exercise that fits my lifestyle, eating sensibly and keeping my skin regime simple. Holistic beauty is about what you are putting in your body as well as what we put onto your skin. I am advocate on using natural skincare that is food for the skin where your skin needs vitamins and minerals to keep the skin stimulated and alive.

 Stress can be a major factor on how we look and feel and how stress can cause us to hold weight and dehydrate the skin and age our skin prematurely.

We will often go to all the things that are bad for our bodies when we are stressed and tired. If we listened more to our bodies and declutter from all the white noise and creating new neurons to help create new choices habits can be broken if you make a commitment to change one habit it will create a chain reaction organically.

 We talk about global warming and our environment, but the beauty industry is one of the most un environmental and wasteful industries that no one talks about.

 I am an advocate for Italian brands that are natural as they put thought around the entire concept of being environmental and eco-friendly. There are some amazing professional brands that I believe we should embrace within the professional side of beauty for our clients and our environment in Australia.

 Why do we constantly want to buy a brand that everyone else has and uses? Please explain!! Branding is powerhouse of influencing us to make quick decisions. Do your homework’s and ask questions before investing.

 Working for Global brands a lot of products was wasted and thrown away in the bins for a tax right off rather than giving the products away or selling them off at cost price. Seeing such waste in a superficial industry made me question my own ethics and how can I make a difference. For me it is about educating as many people as possible on alternatives and keeping it simple for the everyday woman.

 Is it necessary to have pretty packaging knowing that when we go home we throw away the box and wrapping in the waste bin? How do the magazines justify talking about global warming and advertising fashion and beauty that contradicts our environment?

 This may not be an article a magazine wants to write up about as the brands we are talking about pay for the advertising to keep the magazines in circulation.

 If you want to keep healthy then ask us and our experts about living a lifestyle that will work for you and your family that will support your health and the planets health.

 We recommend resources and practitioners that are experts in their field who you can contact via email, skype or phone. Listen to your intuition and seek out advise.

 As a beauty technician, product developer and philosophical lifestyle teacher I walk you through simple daily practice that you can incorporate within your busy schedule to help declutter your lifestyle and assist with working deeper within yourself to understand your true potential and how to recalibrate those habits we often think about changing but never do.

Now is the time and with the amazing practitioners I can advise to assist you along the way.

I have 3 free ½ day one on one or small group seminar to kick start a new practice to a healthier lifestyle and finding that inner peace and restoration back into your life.

 “Live Life in the present and not in our Ego”

Recommended Reading The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle