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Luxe Organics was established in 2018.

Introducing a pure, natural,nano free and vegan friendly product range focusing on perfecting the complexion and educating the consumers on a healthier alternative.


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Skinny Tan

Taren Anderson

With 30 years’ experience working within the beauty industry in many areas throughout my career the last few years I have spent working within the professional beauty industry training and servicing salons and distributors. 

A market saturated with brands and products competing within a small market in Australia can be over whelming and daunting to the everyday person and to the salons.

How do we choose a product on the retail shelf!?

There are approximately 80 different tanning products out on the market within Australia at present. Crazy!! How do we select the tanning solution and retail products that will service our customers?


Based on my research and trailing many different tanning solutions, I am looking for performance, easy to use, quick to dry and the smell of the tanning products and solutions.  but I must confess I haven’t tried 80, so I am only speaking on behalf of the brands within the natural industry.

Tanning can be toxic to both the consumer and the tanning technician. Micro fine particles floating in the air that we are inhaling when having a spray tan can take effect on our bodies to work harder to detox what we are absorbing. The more natural the less invasive it will be for all involved.

Thank goodness technology and research in developing natural based tanning has evolved over the past 10 or so years.


We chose Skinny Tan for a few reasons:

  • Natural ingredients rich in oils such as almond oil, sunflower oil and aloe Vera combined with the  key active ingredient Guarana that assist in stimulating the epidermal layers leaving the skin looking smoother leaving the skin looking and feeling hydrated with a healthy natural tan.
  • Skinny Tan Do Not claim to be organic they just use organic ingredients.
  • Colour and finish on various skin tones was important that the colour and depth of colour is universal.
  • Can be used on irritated skin such as eczema? Yes, you can just use the primer on the spots and tan over the top so the colour doesn’t grab on the dry patchy areas.
  • The fragrance is the most natural smell and not over powering like other natural or organic tanning lotions.
  • Fading process can look patchy at times and this can be due to perspiration and using products with sulphates that will create your tan to fade unevenly. This just means you will need to tan more frequently to keep the tan looking fresh. It’s important to have your home tanning essentials at home just in case you don’t have time to book an appointment with your salon. Skinny Tan will naturally fade, but we would always recommend to exfoliate to remove the excess after 7-10 days from applying the tan.

Key factors of achieving a longer lasting Natural Tan

Exfoliate using the Skinny Tan Pre -Tan Primer with the exfoliating mitt to remove the old tan and dead skin cells effectively without drying the skin the day before the spray tan or self -tanning.

Apply after 48 hours the Tan and Tone oil or the Gradual Tanner to maintain the tan that also keeps the colour to the original level. You can deepen the tan by applying the Tan & Tone over a series of consecutive days that will extend your tan for up to 10 days or more.

Always use an applicator to apply the full tanning products such as the mousse and 7-day tanner.


“Prep and Maintain is the KEY to a healthy glowing tan”

Don’t compromise if you are an avid tanner or new to the experience look at the ingredients and smell the product. This will instantly tell you the quality and performance.

Enjoy the Skinny Tan experience!


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