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Luxe Organics was established in 2018.

Introducing a pure, natural,nano free and vegan friendly product range focusing on perfecting the complexion and educating the consumers on a healthier alternative.


Beauty in Health Blog - Mineral Makeup


Nano Free Makeup

Taren Anderson

KIBI Group Australia has released a nano free mineral makeup

We aim to supply the best grade product made in Australia, but also educate our consumer of what we put on our skin

No matter how large our company grows we will never become a corporation and will always promote the best of Australian talent in what we do.  I would recommend for those who are interested is to hire out the DVD on the Corporation, but also having firsthand experience working for global corporations  for the past 25 years of my career.

Our growth is for niche markets that have an understanding and passion for our environment and the Australian industry and employment. We aim to gain growth through export opportunities promoting Australia’s’ most beautiful products from  one of the most beautiful countries in the world

What is Nano Free?

Nano has become a controversial topic in the commercial cosmetic industry with big name brands being accused of not listing there nano ingredients for the consumer to make an informed choice of what ingredients are in the products they are using.

Articles form: Environmental working group USA and our Local Friends of the Earth
Research reveals the widespread use of nano-scale ingredients in everyday personal care products. Our results represent the most comprehensive list of such products compiled to date.

We identified nearly 9,800 products containing nano-scale ingredients or ingredients that may contain a nano-scale fraction. These include 256 products containing one or more of 57 different types of nano-scale or micronized ingredients, and 9,509 additional products containing ingredients that are commercially available in nano sizes, but nearly all of which have no label information on particle size whatsoever. These products include those regulated as cosmetics and as drugs, such as sunscreen

The use of nanoparticles in high exposure consumer applications such as cosmetics has controversial evidence of potential toxicity has grown. NSW minister of science and research said the NSW Government would raise the possibility of labelling nanoparticles in cosmetics and sunscreen products.

Early scientific studies show that when exposed to UV light nanoparticles used in cosmetics produce free radicals that damage the DNA and cells. If nanoparticles gain access to the bloodstream of a pregnant woman they could harm unborn babies

These nano particles are also known to be tested on caged animals. Most beauty advisors are not trained on what is in the products they are selling they are trained to market the benefits of the product they are selling. Even though the question is asked by consumers are the products tested on animals the question should be what ingredients are tested on animals.

With a huge push on educating consumers to eat healthy and keeping fit and watching the exponential growth of the organic and environmental movement we also need to be aware of what we put on our skin the largest breathing organ.

We can change our clothes, our cars and houses, but we can’t change our skin, so we need to look after our skin by protecting and using quality products.

We will look forward to hearing your feedback in the near future