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Luxe Organics was established in 2018.

Introducing a pure, natural,nano free and vegan friendly product range focusing on perfecting the complexion and educating the consumers on a healthier alternative.

Kibi Group - The Company and Mineral Makeup


Beauty in Health Blog - Mineral Makeup


Kibi Group - The Company and Mineral Makeup

Taren Anderson

Hello my name is Tamara, I am the Kibi resident blogger.

I will be keeping you informed on fashion, health, fitness, makeup and most importantly the activities that are happening within the brand and company of KIBI group.

Kibi mineral makeup is an Australian owned and made mineral makeup range. Kibi raw mineral is 100% natural, vegan, not tested on animals and is nano free.

 I would like to start with a personal experience. During my late teenage years I didn't have perfect skin. In fact acne played a major factor in what then felt like the never ending awkward phase of teenage-hood. It made me feel incredibly self-conscious, and so I turned to makeup to mask the acne, but in fact it was the cause of my breakout.

The products I used had so many different chemicals and oils that didn't agree with my skin. I had to learn how to take care of my skin. This is when, I stumbled on mineral makeup. Through my own research with trialling different mineral makeup I finally found something that works for me. 

 Mineral makeup has become a staple in the lives of many women today, but the questions often come up still. “What is mineral makeup and what is the difference”?

Mineral makeup is made up of a variety of natural minerals such as Mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Firstly the minerals depicted above are all natural. So they are sourced from the earth’s natural minerals. These mineral particles are known to be large enough so that they cannot penetrate the skin or clog your pores. So what does this mean? Mineral makeup is light, its natural as the minerals are sourced from the earth, and it gives great coverage without clogging pores.

 Mica or Micas are common rock-forming minerals. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral it helps fill out a product base that is too concentrated or strong and give the slip and feel on the skin.

Mica reflects light, providing the glitter and sparkle

Titanium dioxide is used as a natural sunscreen. It acts as UVA-UVB protection reflecting light and protecting your skin in sunlight. Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory agent so although it doesn’t cure acne, it can be soothing to the inflammation resulting from it. Further Zinc oxide also has sun protection properties like titanium oxide. 

Natural mineral makeup has SPF (sun protection) properties and water proofing properties. It is great to wear swimming and to the beach. KIBI raw mineral makeup has a SPF 15+.

Pure mineral makeup is combined with inorganic pigments. This means that you can get different shades for different skin tones. Something important to note with our Kibi raw mineral makeup  it is NOT animal tested, nano free and vegan friendly.

Ultimately mineral makeup has become a leading makeup movement in the cosmetic industry and for good reason. It has many positive factors that really aide in skin protection, as well as providing good coverage as a makeup.

I hope you enjoyed reading this first article and I hope it provided some insight that you can take away with you.

By: Tamara Dawood.