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Luxe Organics was established in 2018.

Introducing a pure, natural,nano free and vegan friendly product range focusing on perfecting the complexion and educating the consumers on a healthier alternative.



Beauty in Health Blog - Mineral Makeup


Breaking It Down in Beauty

kim magee

Breaking it down in Beauty

Most women in today’s first world economy of all age groups are more confused than ever before with what to buy for their skin.

As an educator in beauty and having worked in the beauty industry for a few decades my aim was is make it simple for the every- day woman.

Breaking it down is simplifying and decluttering your beauty regime. Price is not always the deciding factor if you understand your skin and asking for advice from the professionals with a non-bias approach

The average Australian woman spends $3600 per year on beauty products this averages out to $78 per week

You may think that I don’t spend $78 a week in beauty products! Then I would ask each woman to go to their cupboards and take out every product they can find and calculate how much they have sitting in the cupboard including fragrances and hair products.

 Do you use all the products you have stored in your cupboard and do you look at the expiry dates?

 Beauty is more than skin deep. For me it is about lifestyle, health in beauty that encapsulates exercise that fits my lifestyle, eating sensibly and keeping my skin regime simple. Holistic beauty is about what you are putting in your body as well as what we put onto your skin. I am advocate on using natural skincare that is food for the skin where your skin needs vitamins and minerals to keep the skin stimulated and alive.

 Stress can be a major factor on how we look and feel and how stress can cause us to hold weight and dehydrate the skin and age our skin prematurely.

We will often go to all the things that are bad for our bodies when we are stressed and tired. If we listened more to our bodies and declutter from all the white noise and creating new neurons to help create new choices habits can be broken if you make a commitment to change one habit it will create a chain reaction organically.

 We talk about global warming and our environment, but the beauty industry is one of the most un environmental and wasteful industries that no one talks about.

 I am an advocate for Italian brands that are natural as they put thought around the entire concept of being environmental and eco-friendly. There are some amazing professional brands that I believe we should embrace within the professional side of beauty for our clients and our environment in Australia.

 Why do we constantly want to buy a brand that everyone else has and uses? Please explain!! Branding is powerhouse of influencing us to make quick decisions. Do your homework’s and ask questions before investing.

 Working for Global brands a lot of products was wasted and thrown away in the bins for a tax right off rather than giving the products away or selling them off at cost price. Seeing such waste in a superficial industry made me question my own ethics and how can I make a difference. For me it is about educating as many people as possible on alternatives and keeping it simple for the everyday woman.

 Is it necessary to have pretty packaging knowing that when we go home we throw away the box and wrapping in the waste bin? How do the magazines justify talking about global warming and advertising fashion and beauty that contradicts our environment?

 This may not be an article a magazine wants to write up about as the brands we are talking about pay for the advertising to keep the magazines in circulation.

 If you want to keep healthy then ask us and our experts about living a lifestyle that will work for you and your family that will support your health and the planets health.

 We recommend resources and practitioners that are experts in their field who you can contact via email, skype or phone. Listen to your intuition and seek out advise.

 As a beauty technician, product developer and philosophical lifestyle teacher I walk you through simple daily practice that you can incorporate within your busy schedule to help declutter your lifestyle and assist with working deeper within yourself to understand your true potential and how to recalibrate those habits we often think about changing but never do.

Now is the time and with the amazing practitioners I can advise to assist you along the way.

I have 3 free ½ day one on one or small group seminar to kick start a new practice to a healthier lifestyle and finding that inner peace and restoration back into your life.

 “Live Life in the present and not in our Ego”

Recommended Reading The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Skinny Tan

Taren Anderson

With 30 years’ experience working within the beauty industry in many areas throughout my career the last few years I have spent working within the professional beauty industry training and servicing salons and distributors. 

A market saturated with brands and products competing within a small market in Australia can be over whelming and daunting to the everyday person and to the salons.

How do we choose a product on the retail shelf!?

There are approximately 80 different tanning products out on the market within Australia at present. Crazy!! How do we select the tanning solution and retail products that will service our customers?


Based on my research and trailing many different tanning solutions, I am looking for performance, easy to use, quick to dry and the smell of the tanning products and solutions.  but I must confess I haven’t tried 80, so I am only speaking on behalf of the brands within the natural industry.

Tanning can be toxic to both the consumer and the tanning technician. Micro fine particles floating in the air that we are inhaling when having a spray tan can take effect on our bodies to work harder to detox what we are absorbing. The more natural the less invasive it will be for all involved.

Thank goodness technology and research in developing natural based tanning has evolved over the past 10 or so years.


We chose Skinny Tan for a few reasons:

  • Natural ingredients rich in oils such as almond oil, sunflower oil and aloe Vera combined with the  key active ingredient Guarana that assist in stimulating the epidermal layers leaving the skin looking smoother leaving the skin looking and feeling hydrated with a healthy natural tan.
  • Skinny Tan Do Not claim to be organic they just use organic ingredients.
  • Colour and finish on various skin tones was important that the colour and depth of colour is universal.
  • Can be used on irritated skin such as eczema? Yes, you can just use the primer on the spots and tan over the top so the colour doesn’t grab on the dry patchy areas.
  • The fragrance is the most natural smell and not over powering like other natural or organic tanning lotions.
  • Fading process can look patchy at times and this can be due to perspiration and using products with sulphates that will create your tan to fade unevenly. This just means you will need to tan more frequently to keep the tan looking fresh. It’s important to have your home tanning essentials at home just in case you don’t have time to book an appointment with your salon. Skinny Tan will naturally fade, but we would always recommend to exfoliate to remove the excess after 7-10 days from applying the tan.

Key factors of achieving a longer lasting Natural Tan

Exfoliate using the Skinny Tan Pre -Tan Primer with the exfoliating mitt to remove the old tan and dead skin cells effectively without drying the skin the day before the spray tan or self -tanning.

Apply after 48 hours the Tan and Tone oil or the Gradual Tanner to maintain the tan that also keeps the colour to the original level. You can deepen the tan by applying the Tan & Tone over a series of consecutive days that will extend your tan for up to 10 days or more.

Always use an applicator to apply the full tanning products such as the mousse and 7-day tanner.


“Prep and Maintain is the KEY to a healthy glowing tan”

Don’t compromise if you are an avid tanner or new to the experience look at the ingredients and smell the product. This will instantly tell you the quality and performance.

Enjoy the Skinny Tan experience!


Contact us for further education or becoming a stockiest:



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Taren Anderson

I am a huge fan of mineral makeup because of how much I believe in good skincare and protecting your skin. It can be difficult to find good quality products that achieve the look I am after which is why I am excited to introduce you to KIBI Raw Minerals. 

KIBI are a brand that do mineral makeup right and have some absolutely incredible products that I have fallen in love with. I wanted to quickly run you through what makes the products so amazing and then recommend my top three favourites to you so read on if you're interested.

KIBI Raw Minerals are completely nano free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Pure Mineral Makeup is made up of a variety of the earth's natural mineral elements including such ingredients as mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and more. These particles are large enough to not block pores which is why they are known for being a better choice if you suffer with acne or have problematic skin. Such products are self preserving and don't require preservatives that could cause irritation, acne and infection to the skin. Due to this, KIBI is Australian Certified Toxic Free!

I personally have quite sensitive skin so certain foundations can give me a rash or irritate my skin. Having products from KIBI Raw Minerals that are made with all natural substances means I don't have any concern with how my skin will react and I feel a lot less guilty than I do when using conventional foundations and bronzers etc. 

#1 - KIBI Raw Minerals Foundation
Made up from 100% minerals and with natural SPF 15+, this is a smooth and creamy formulation without the risk of clogging pores. It's fine formulation provides a seamless finish and leaves skin soft to the touch. With so many colour options, there is sure to be a foundation that perfectly suits your skintone. This product retails for $54 AUD. 

#2- KIBI Raw Minerals Blush
With all the same benefits as the foundation, blush is one of those things that pulls a look together and with this product I can do that guilt free. Sometimes smoothing on a cream blush over my foundation makes me feel oily and like I am clogging my pores. That is fine for nice evening looks or weekend party makeup but for everyday work wear I don't like clogging up my pores. There are two gorgeous colour options to choose from - Peach and Blossom. 

#3 KIBI Raw Minerals Bronzer

I always find mineral bronzers to smooth over the skin so nicely and leave a seamless and smoothed bronze finish. This one colour suits all because it is extremely buildable, making it a versatile product. You can apply this product with a light hand for an overall glow or build the product up for contouring and sculpting the face. This product retails for $48AUD. 

So that's a wrap on my top three products offered by KIBI Raw Minerals. I would highly recommend heading over to their website here and having a browse of the products.

By Jordy Cannon - 

Lola's Beauty Room - Blogger Review

Taren Anderson

Not another beauty trend, mineral makeup is here to stay. A healthy alternative to the chemical filled products that dominate today’s  makeup industry. It’s not only what’s in them that makes them special, but what’s not. Made from a variety of Earth’s natural minerals that help heal and protect even the most sensitive skin.

They contain no artificial additives or harmful chemicals such as talc, preservatives such as paraben, chemical dye, bismuth oxycholoride and skin irritants such as synthetic fragrances. Their products are not tested on animals, are nano free and vegan friendly. They are made from ingredients which help heal skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

KIBI RAW MINERALS is an Australian made and owned brand taking the initiative to educate and provide all women with natural products they can feel good about using. Established in 2010 the brand takes a fresh approach to beauty with their own mineral range including foundation, blush, bronzer and kabuki brush.

The packaging of KIBI’s products is absolutely stunning. The full-size foundation I received looked sleek and simple. A very generous size with a practical twist top lid. The samples I received were in cute clear packaging. Perfect to see what shades are inside.

The foundation shades were both a good match match for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of coverage they gave. I normally turn to thick liquid foundations to cover my redness but with just primer underneath I was able to build up the coverage without it looking cakey. If you have oily skin this foundation would be great as it absorbs the skins natural oils without clogging your pores.

Both shades gave my face a soft dewy glow and lasted all day. I found the best way to apply it was to tip a small amount into the lid, sweep my powder brush in and tap off the excess before applying to my face in circular motions. The finish was very natural and made my skin look flawless. It can also be used as a finishing powder over your liquid foundation. Best of all it has an SPF of 15+ and is said to be water resistant.

Full-size – Nude, Sample – Light beige

Full-size – Nude, Sample – Light beige

Top swatch – nude, Bottom swatch – Light beige

Top swatch – nude, Bottom swatch – Light beige

Contoring and bronzing is a must for me now that I have dyed my hair dark. I need that sun kissed glow and face structure so I don’t look washed out. This mineral bronzer is perfect for use as both a contour and bronzer. A little goes a long way and blends easily over the foundation.

When swatched it looks to be a very shiney copper colour but once on the skin it’s more of a subtle matte finish and isn’t gonna fill your cheeks full of shimmer! I found it to be slightly orange but still suitable if you don’t apply to much product.



Bronzer Swatch

Bronzer Swatch

Peach! My favourite shade of blush! Not too dark and not to bright. It was the perfect shade to give my cheeks the natural flush without making me look like a clown. Applied on the apples of my cheeks this blush looks really pretty. Again not much product is needed and sat beautifully on my skin.  It’s a very wearable shade which could be worn day or night.

The blossom shade was a darker dusty pink. It was very pigmented but gave a but idyl radiant finish. I would be more likely to wear this shade of a night time and would look great with a dark smokey eye.

Left- Peach Blush, Right- Blossom Blush

Left- Peach Blush, Right- Blossom Blush

Top- Blossom Blush, Bottom- Peach Blush

Top- Blossom Blush, Bottom- Peach Blush

For more information and to purchase KIBI RAW MINERAL MAKEUP head to their website

Be sure to follow them on Instagram at Kibigroup and share the naturally flawless love!

I can definitely say that KIBI RAW will be one of my holy grail foundations. I have learned a lot about the effects of the different chemicals used in regular foundations and will try to use safer products on my skin more often. Thanks for taking the time to read my KIBI RAW MINERALS review and please subscribe to my blog to keep updated on my posts.


'Kibi Raw Mineral Makeup' by The Unrefined

Taren Anderson

A couple of months ago I was suffering from quite a few skin issues. I was experiencing regular break-outs around my forehead and cheeks and was developing severe scars from PICKING (try to resist, it exacerbates the issue by 100%). I’m sure you will believe me when I say I follow a healthy diet. I don’t eat many grains; I obviously don’t eat sugar and try to consume low levels of dairy and soy (all of which can often be associated with poor skin). To some extent I attributed the problem to a hormone imbalance but after a bit of experimentation I realised most of the issue stemmed from my skin care routine and my MAKE-UP!

When you have scars and problematic skin the first thing you tend to do is cover it up and buy every product known to mankind. I used a few liquid and stick foundations with plenty of coverage but that seemed to make my issue worse. My skin couldn’t breathe and I could tell the pimples I was developing were blocked pores stemming from make- up.  I needed an answer, fast.



Whether it was fate, a stroke of luck or just being in the right place at the right time – I managed to meet the director of Kibi Raw Minerals, an Australian-made and Australian owned natural make-up range. It was actually the director, Kim’s skin that initially sold the product to me. Not only does she look 20 years younger than she actually is, her skin radiates and omits a glow which I was immediately jealous of. I asked her if she was wearing the make-up and she laughed and nodded. Before I knew it I was at home in my room, sitting in front of the mirror with the whole range.

I’ve always had reservations about mineral make-up because I prefer a dewy glow rather than a powdered, matte complexion. This product worked wonders on my skin and doesn’t leave you feeling as though you’re an old lady with chalky lines. The transformation was actually so amazing that I started snapping selfies and sending them to Jess. We were heading to the beach that morning so I decided to leave it on and test its water proof component and SPF factor. I walked out to meet Jess and the first thing she said (I’m not joking) is that I looked like an angel and there was some sort of glow about me (another selling factor, considering they usually call me the devil ;)). I kid you not, the foundation stayed on my skin the whole beach trip after endless wave rides. I didn’t get burnt and I didn’t break out. I almost felt like crying – to find a product that actually provides sun protection, is natural, won’t clog your pores and makes you look like you have some weird post-coital glow – I haven’t parted from the product since and am officially the devil in disguise.

Kibi Raw Minerals is vegan friendly, not tested on animals, nano free and a form of PURE mineral make-up. Unlike other foundations on the market, Kibi’s PURE formulation includes mineral particles that cannot penetrate the skin or clog the pores. The foundation is free from artificial colours, preservatives and fragrances and has a high SPF UVA/UVB factor with water proofing properties. So what provides that radiating glow? Kibi uses MICA. Micas are common rock-forming minerals that produce a natural shimmer when applied to the skin.

Jess and I have been using Kibi Raw Minerals for three months now (even when we go out for a wild night on the town and need more coverage) and have noticed a great improvement in our skin. Kibi’s formulation includes zinc oxide which has been proven to promote skin healing and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. The titanium dioxide and zinc in the product also helps the skin to retain moisture, keeping the it looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. It also allows the skin to breathe WITHOUT clogging the paws.

My reviews are not usually this long but I am THAT passionate about this product that I will go to great lengths to tell you my thoughts (even if it means a little bit of word vomit).

To purchase all products head to

Nicola's favourite products

-   peach blush (provides an amazing pigment and shimmer on your cheeks)

-   Nude mineral foundation and Light olive mineral foundation (I alternate between the two depending on whether I have a tan)

-   Kibi’s award-winning Kabuki brush for great coverage

Jess’s favourite products

-   Blossom blush

-   Medium olive mineral foundation and warm beige mineral foundation

-   Kibi’s award-winning Kabuki brush for great coverage

Skin Care – Less is More

Taren Anderson

There is a common misconception surrounding skin care, which we would like to put to rest once and for all. Caring for your skin does not need to be COMPLICATED nor does it need to be EXPENSIVE to be effective. So many women spend a fortune on skin care products that promise the world but deliver very little in return and it’s time to face the truth:


Whether you require treatment for acne, pigmentation, dry skin, oily skin, damaged skin or ageing skin – using too many products can often exacerbate skin conditions or slow down the skin’s ability to heal, regenerate and improve.

We’re going to keep it simple. Below are two products that we feel every woman should have in her bathroom cupboard at home - inexpensive, natural and very effective. We’ll also give you a run down on Parabens and Sulfates and why it’s best to choose personal care products without these ingredients.

Rosehip Oil


Rosehip oil is a naturally rich source of essential fatty acids and contains high levels of omega 3, 6 and 9 (unable to be produced by the body). These fatty acids help to regenerate skin cells, repair damaged skin tissue and improve the appearance of burns, scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.

High in Vitamins A and Vitamin C, Rosehip oil has also been known to assist in the improvement of environmentally damaged skin. Vitamin A, which is commonly known as retinol, helps to protect the skin from free radicals and can prevent wrinkles and improve skin pigmentation caused by excessive amounts of sun exposure.  
Skin Type: Suitable for ALL skin types.

Where can I buy it?

We suggest buying organic Rosehip Oil available at most pharmacies, health food stores and selected supermarkets. Organic Rosehip oil can cost anywhere from $15 - $35 per bottle.

How can I use it?

Rose hip oil can be used as a Double Cleanser (read home treatment method here) and as a Night Treatment (read simple night treatment method here)

Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil contains a wax ester that has a similar molecular structure to the wax esters found in our skin, making it easy for the body to absorb and great for any complexion. Containing high levels of anti-oxidants as well as Omega 3 & Omega 6, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, Jojoba oil is renowned for assisting in restoring the skin’s elasticity, boosting hydration and slowing down the skin’s natural aging process.

Skin type suitability?

Jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types, even for combination or oily complexions. Oil cuts through oil and using Jojoba oil can actually improve oil control and trick your skin into producing less of it.
Where can I purchase it?
Most pharmacies, health food stores and selected supermarkets. Organic Jojoba can cost anywhere from $15 to $40 for a bottle.

How do I use it?

Jojoba oil can be used as a make-up remover, as a night serum and even as a hair treatment for split ends.

On a final note, when choosing ANY skin care products we recommend opting for those that are SULFATE & PARABEN FREE.  A Paraben is a chemical substance that acts as a preservative, inhibits bacterial growth in products and prolongs shelf life. What most people don’t know is that this chemical substance has also been known to mimic hormones in the body, increase estrogen levels and in more recent years has been associated with some cancers, particularly breast cancer.

Sulfates can be found in any cleaning product that foams – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are all ingredients you need to steer clear of. According to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Review1 research studies on sulfates have shown links to irritation of the skin and eyes, organ toxicity, developmental/reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, possible mutations and cancer. Over the past decade the availability of paraben and sulfate free products has increased remarkably and you can now find such products in your supermarket and local pharmacy (always read the label).

Nano Free Makeup

Taren Anderson

KIBI Group Australia has released a nano free mineral makeup

We aim to supply the best grade product made in Australia, but also educate our consumer of what we put on our skin

No matter how large our company grows we will never become a corporation and will always promote the best of Australian talent in what we do.  I would recommend for those who are interested is to hire out the DVD on the Corporation, but also having firsthand experience working for global corporations  for the past 25 years of my career.

Our growth is for niche markets that have an understanding and passion for our environment and the Australian industry and employment. We aim to gain growth through export opportunities promoting Australia’s’ most beautiful products from  one of the most beautiful countries in the world

What is Nano Free?

Nano has become a controversial topic in the commercial cosmetic industry with big name brands being accused of not listing there nano ingredients for the consumer to make an informed choice of what ingredients are in the products they are using.

Articles form: Environmental working group USA and our Local Friends of the Earth
Research reveals the widespread use of nano-scale ingredients in everyday personal care products. Our results represent the most comprehensive list of such products compiled to date.

We identified nearly 9,800 products containing nano-scale ingredients or ingredients that may contain a nano-scale fraction. These include 256 products containing one or more of 57 different types of nano-scale or micronized ingredients, and 9,509 additional products containing ingredients that are commercially available in nano sizes, but nearly all of which have no label information on particle size whatsoever. These products include those regulated as cosmetics and as drugs, such as sunscreen

The use of nanoparticles in high exposure consumer applications such as cosmetics has controversial evidence of potential toxicity has grown. NSW minister of science and research said the NSW Government would raise the possibility of labelling nanoparticles in cosmetics and sunscreen products.

Early scientific studies show that when exposed to UV light nanoparticles used in cosmetics produce free radicals that damage the DNA and cells. If nanoparticles gain access to the bloodstream of a pregnant woman they could harm unborn babies

These nano particles are also known to be tested on caged animals. Most beauty advisors are not trained on what is in the products they are selling they are trained to market the benefits of the product they are selling. Even though the question is asked by consumers are the products tested on animals the question should be what ingredients are tested on animals.

With a huge push on educating consumers to eat healthy and keeping fit and watching the exponential growth of the organic and environmental movement we also need to be aware of what we put on our skin the largest breathing organ.

We can change our clothes, our cars and houses, but we can’t change our skin, so we need to look after our skin by protecting and using quality products.

We will look forward to hearing your feedback in the near future